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As a true innovator, we
always believe in the power of scientific research
Our professional and experienced perfumers bring new flavors with innovative inspiration
OPLUS R&D team takes "increasing the sales volume of customers' e-cigarettes" as its own responsibility, and continues to develop and accurately provide E-liquid products that truly meet the market demand. OPLUS R&D team has a number of doctors and masters in organic chemistry and pharmacy and the first batch of senior perfumers, application engineers and professional flavor tasters in E-liquid industry. They find inspiration from life, carefully select raw materials, and are enthusiastic about R & D. They create with dedication, and interpret the fragrance story with high-quality aroma. One to one flavor customization meets diversified and personalized needs and bring a wonderful experience that fits the body and mind.
Fruitful research and devel opment achievements, inno vative research and devel opment of diversified fla vors popular all over the world
OPLUS has developed 100000 + flavor formula so far, of which more than 400 flavors have passed the EU TPD certification and registration. Many popular flavors are deeply favored by consumers in the global mainstream markets. In 2015, OPLUS became the world's first E-liquid company to develop nicotine salt technology. From 2019 to 2021, OPLUS achieved great achievements in small cigarette flavor through special technical research, and successfully cooperated with many brands in the United States, Russia, UK and the Middle East, which was highly praised by the consumer market.
Through scientific research methods, OPLUS creates products more in line with market demand for customers. OPLUS has insight into consumer needs and preferences, explores the wonderful world of taste and smell, and finds more wonderful flavor sources.
Operation Center
OPLUS has an office operation center of more than 2200 ㎡, 10 customer reception and smoking rooms with a total area of more than 500 ㎡, and equipped professional perfumers and sales service team to follow up customers' questions and provide professional perfumery services.